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check out advair diskus price Screens, lights, nature and a perfect urban landscape are waiting for you in this city. Plenty of shows, fancy places and a lot of things to do are ready to be discovered. check out The cars horns are extremely loud. People are running from one way to another. The traffic is held up. Among all of this chaos, there is tiny me, sitting on a bench, feeling so frustrated, because all my tries to catch a taxi have failed. The lights are huge, the atmosphere is covered by smoke and the city is tremendous. Welcome to New York! This is my first visit to this city of lights, where people do not sleep and do not have time to take a break.

New York City is located in the Southern tip of New York state of the United States of America. It is the most densely populated place in the country and one of the most popular in the world. New York City is the city of dreams. The city, where everyone is accepted. This is the reason for the high number of population. In 2016 the estimated population increased 8,550,405 and every year it continues to extend.

I was planning to visit New York City from a long time ago, I wanted to know how was having a walk in Central Park meanwhile you are eating famous hotdogs, I was wondering how the Times Square looks like, and all the desires to be at the top of the Empire State Building were elevated.

Thousands of artists and famous people have been in New York because it is such a magical city, has his own sparkle of brightness, has his own rules, his own Street history. John Lenon, Frank Sinatra, Marlyn Monroe, Mike Jagger and many others have fallen in love with this city. And you may want to know “why?” .The answer is simple and it is written down in the well-known Frank Sinatra´s song. “ bargain If I can make it there, I´m gonna make it everywhere.” – New York, New York.

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5:30 PM. The metro station is crowded as always. Fort, the moment I´m getting in, I can see from the outside how people fight for a spot in the wagon. Looking around and be impressed with all the types of people you see in the metro. All nationalities, all skin colors are welcome. All humans sharing the same goal, breath the same air, the air with a taste of success.


You see how the streets can make you feel brand new and you will have the sensation like you are in a movie. The set is perfect, the architecture is imposing and the main actor is walking down Manhattan to get in the fifth avenue, then he is ready to have dinner at Little Italy, which is the best neighborhood to find good Italian cuisine. After the dinner, he will go dancing to one of the many exclusive clubs at Soho.

After all, New York City has a great variety of possibilities and offers a different type of activities for all travelers. One of them and the most popular is go watching a show on Broadway. Broadway is the dream of dancers and actors in the whole world; one of the most famous shows is the Disney “Lion King”. People spend hours in the line trying to get inside but once you are in, the time passes so fast and you will never forget it.

New York is the city of fashion, the house of the pretzel and the Yankees, the city that never sleeps. These are nicknames that the place has won the time. Nicknames that make it more powerful and epic. The experience of taking a taxi in the middle of downtown is something that should live. Spend your evening walking through the tiny streets of China Town, guessing if real China looks like this. Hearing how all Chinese people in New York try to sell you everything they have, and how these people live in a “small China”, but they are surrounded by foreigners and American citizens. It is delighting.

It is getting dark outside, so I am walking down Wall Street imagining all the capital that moves this financial center. The actions go up and down, the money of the world is here in this street. Banks and companies are fighting to occupy the bigger place. So I keep walking and walking trying to take a taxi but here it is not that easy. My final day destination is to see Times Square at night.

Screens and screens! The huge amount of big screens are everywhere at Times Square. I look around and I can see a lot of people, trying to get that famous picture with all the lights behind them. Shows, creative artists doing activities to gain money. The movement is magnificent. I just can not stop looking around up and down. Watching the lights, watching how the couples get a marvelous kiss during the light show, watching how everybody gets stunned with this concrete jungle.

Closing my eyes, I feel all this energy that passes through my body, all this American feeling. I imagine how might be the moment when Frank Sinatra was here. Probably, he was sitting in the same bar with a glass of good Scotch in his hands. Meanwhile, the piano was ready, so he could start singing. That voice that I have in my head in this moment, Sinatra´s voice that has been with me, since I came here, asking me “please do not leave New York, New York”.

New York is a city that has to be traveled with patience, style, and time. And after long walks, you realize that you have already felt in love with this enchanted place. Some people like it, others not that much but both conclude that is an amazing city and has to be discovered at every single angle. Cause in every corner you will find something special, something magical, something to remember.


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