Dealing with Main Bazar and a crazy shopaholic girl

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If you are in New Delhi, probably you will enjoy a good day of shopping, but you may know what is the best option to shop because that will save you a couple of rupees. In my case I’m a fanatic of shopping and If I can do it with a good price that would be amazing.
I remember when I fist came here, dreaming about India, dreaming about typical stuff, because Indian clothes and designs are absolutely beautiful for my taste. But I didn’t know the good deals and places to shop. As a foreign is easy to get lost in the middle of the negotiation. And I mean at this point that local people usually want to take advantage of that and can charge you more than the real price; so you have to learn to bargain.
This is totally funny because the people that know me knows that I’m not good at this game, but since I knew all the money that I could save and my strong desires to spent my birthday in Thailand, I decide to save every rupee.
I remember that day when I was new here in the jungle of Delhi and I wanted to but a blanket full of mandalas and colors. That day I was taking a walk in the crowded Old Delhi and I saw a vintage store.
The store was full of beautiful things and of course, there was my blanket. I asked the price and was 800 rupees, little bit expensive but I was so in love that I didn’t hesitate to give my card to the man in the store.
One month later I found myself walking in Main Bazar, and I saw it. The same blanket, I asked the price and was 600 hundred rupees less. In that moment the only thing that I thought was: Holly cow! What a waste of money. The blanket was 200 rupees and for my perception was very cheap. Then I found a lot of beautiful stuff and with good prices.
I’m sure that you can find more markets and bazaars with good prices, even more than the main bazar because still a very touristic place. My suggestion is always to try to bargain and if you are shy like me you have to try at least to find a good price in other ways. I’m not an expert but I will leave this tips that till know I have learned about the bargain.

How to bargain in India and not to die in the try:

1. Always act like you don’t care: If you show importance to the seller, he will take advantage of the situation and you can be overcharged. So always act like if you didn´t like the item, he will follow you and start offering good prices.
2. Offer a very low price: Usually sellers consider this as an offensive gesture, but sometimes you have to do it and start the negotiation, he will complain about the price that you said, so its an opportunity to start.
3. Keep a strong position: If you don´t want to pay the official price you can offer your own, as the step before… offer lower or any case try to be fair. Also keep an strong position from the first time is a good option, because the seller will know that he can not play with you.
4. Cheek the prices in other stores first: This is the must know of bargain. If you know the prices of the same item in different stores, you can compare with the seller and also fight to have a good deal.
5. Good luck in the try and self confidence: Self confidence is important here, a good smile with a strong way of speaking will help you to find good deals, don´t forget to be friendly. People are friendly when you try to feel them comfortable. Making jokes or ask questions are welcome.

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