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Qué ha sido lo más dificíl de vivir en India?

Bueno, creo que lo más dificíl es la convivencia en la ciudad, es un país diferente al mio y a veces me da muy duro acostumbrarme.

What is the thing that you miss about Colombia?

Hello, ok from Colombia definitely I miss the food because we have a very great cuisine and is without spices so I think is great. Actually, sometimes I have problems here because the food is very spicy. .

What do you recommend for woman solo travelers?

Ok, the first thing is: don´t trust anyone, and this is not only for India, is for everywhere and I think the second is that you must be very very smart and think always of the risks, I mean always think in this question: What I'm going to loose? because for me is very hard to not overthink in the possible risks but anyways you have to do it because life is an adventure.

This photo was taken by a great friend in our city walk around Delhi.  India Gate