Guatapé, the town full of colors generate Guatapé is located in the center – north of Colombia. A beautiful town with a special characteristic is full of colors,  and when I  say full of colors is because is literally like that. Since long I was planning to go there, is well known as a beautiful town. Also, it has the most representative thing, the big stone. This is called the Peñol Stone and to go at the top you have to climb the 750 stairs that have the natural monument.

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aspirin uk zoom out Once you reach there you will feel like dying, or at least that was my feeling, some people don´t achieve the goal of the top but for sure you will regret it if you miss that view. The lake is a reservoir created by the Colombian government for a hydroelectric dam and was built in the late 1960s. It has become a popular destination for Travelers and a place to be in a small gateway if you live in Medellín, due to is just two hours far.

To go up there you have to pay $15.000 COP, around 5.00 US Dollars. In the place, you will find a lot of handcraft but wait till you go to the main town, Guatapé. The stone is just 15 minutes far from the town, even you can clearly see it if you are down.

Guatapé is surrounded by nature, especially rivers and waterfalls. the paradise for nature seekers.

Is not expensive to go due to one dorm in a hostel can cost  $23.000 COP (7.78 US) and a private room will cost $90.000 COP ( 30 US). These prices correspond at the hostel that I stayed which is strengthen prescription pepcid Casa Kayam. This Hostel is really nice, the atmosphere is chill and you can meet a lot of travelers, especially from foreign countries and with a huge variety of culture. We spent the nights listening to music and sharing some stories of our travels with the others. The hostel is 10 minutes far from the town but is not a problem in transportation, a tuk tuk ( and yes, I just found out that we have tuk tuks in Colombia) or a motorbike can take you easily to the place.



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