Kathmandu and my bests

Nepal is a country between India and China, is small but with a strong content. Nepal allows most of the part of the Himalayas mountains; that is why is called the Top of the World. Nepal is the motherland of the Everest.

The capital is Kathmandu, which is a big city with a lot of pollution and dust, the dust is due to the earthquake of 2015 that hit Nepal. This city offers a lot of alternatives of tourism. And if you are like me, a person who hates pollution; a tip to battle with that issue can be the use of the pollution mask, this mask you can buy it In every place and market. Believe me or not this helps a lot in the breathing.

Kathmandu is the city of temples, so you can easily get lost in this city. Most of them belong to Buddhism but the Hindu population is high as well.

Here I will give you my top 6 of sights in Kathmandu

  1. If you love having city walk so this is something you can not miss. Walking tours through the mini alleys and streets of the city are an amazing plan to start to know the place. All of this alleys are connected, so it´s fun to walk in this labyrinthine to end in little temples with local people, nonpopular temples. You can do this walks in the sector of Thamel, which is the place where most of the hotels are. It´s a very commercial area but full of little things to discover.

  1. Old Katmandu: Is always good to know the differences between the new and old cities. In that way, you can notice how much the city had changed during years. In Old Kathmandu, you can find traditional architectural buildings with a European style.Try street

  2. Try street MO:MO, the momos are a typical dish that you can find in the whole Asia, they are originally from Tibet but is the fast food of most of the Southeast Asian countries. I totally recommend the MO:MO in Nepal due to they are not that spicy like Indian MO:MO The buffalo momos are the best and don´t worry you can find vegetarian momos and my favorites, Potato, and cheese MO:MO.

4. Experience the bargain game in Thamel. Thamel, as I say before, is a sector where you can find everything about Nepali´s handcrafts. For a crazy shopaholic like me, this was paradise.

Travel tip: be careful with the price and always ask before buying food or items in the store. People can be tricky with you and you better make sure to keep your money well invested.

5. Take a journey up through the Buddhist temple and UNESCO world heritage Also is called the monkey temple, because of the bunch of monkeys that you will find over there. The view from the top is amazing, you can see the whole city of Kathmandu. This landmark was affected by the earthquake in 2015, so some of the parts inside are under construction.

Things to see inside the temple complex:

  • Museum of Buddhist sanctuary
  • Dongak chöling gompa (under construction)
  • Harti temple
  • Tara statues
  • Amitabha statue
  • Nayupura (air symbol)
  • Vasapura (earth symbol)
  • Nagpura (water symbol)
  • Dorje (thunderbolt symbol)
  • Rathasambhava statue
  • Pratapura temple
  • Aksobhya statue
  • Anantapura temple ( damaged)

To know: The entrance of the temple cost 250 nepali rupees and for SAARC countries 150 rupees. 

They are many ways to go up there, you can reach by taxi, cycle rickshaw, motorbike, bicycle or walking. The temple is quite near to Thamel so if you are on a budget, like me; you can go by walking.

  1. Chill, chill and chill. The area of Thamel has a lot of restaurants with rooftops, so you can take a break from the city walks sitting in one of those. A good book, good tea and relax as much as you can.

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